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deaths so far and officials don't want to see more. >> the heat-related deaths were in baltimore city and officials are warning themselves to take care of themselves and each other. >> these are very dangerous conditions. >> their warning people to be on the offensive. already, the medical examiner determined 23 people have died from heat so far this summer either directly or indirectly. >> it can be determined they had a heat stroke or something related where their core temperature got so high that they died of heat directly. there are other cases where we are not sure. they may have had an underlying medical condition. the cause of death may have been their medical condition but it may have been worsened by the heat. >> temperatures on wednesday surpassed 100 degrees with heat index soaring even higher. health officials warn people to stay inside when possible and if you have to be outside, stay in the shade and drink plenty of water. >> i get a cup of water every 5 minutes. >> adults are staying cool by grabbing a snow cone or fresh squeezed lemonade. owners know when the temperatu
's really hectic :54 a b-g-e spokesman says crews cannt do anything until.. an inspector from baltimore city signs off on the contractors work. that work was done a week ago. but, it wasn't until today an inspector showed up. after we started to make some calls. fault.... the moaney's are still without power. it's hoped áthatá will change by the end of this week. joy lepola fox 45 news at 5:30. more than 300 kids... at... the ripken... eeperience... baseball camp... continue to brave the heat. heat.temperatures ... on the field... in aberdeen... reached well over 110 degrees today..../the ... rookie campers ...had... mandatory water breaks... between drills.../. they... say... the heaa is draining.../, but... was not ...going to keep ttem aaay.. from camp. gavin leinenbach: 1.37.41 "103 degrees!" reporter: "does it make you tired?" gavin: "yes." (drinks water) water)hari lymon, father: 1.41.43 "they really know how them water, make sure they lookkffr signs of dehydration, so, iihad no concerns." concerns."this week's... ripken experience... runs through friday,.
it in writing. we have to make a decision, not just for the casino operator of baltimore city. we have to make a decision for what's best for the citizens of baltimore city. >> reporter: the governor has pledged to provide written form of the bill by the end of the week. anne arundel and prince george's counties are also getting the sale. >> i think if there isn't a majority, you probably won't have a special session. >> reporter: at baltimore city city hall, jeff hager. >> the clock is running down for the governor to call a special session and for lawmakers to approve table games. now baltimore's delegation argues it could hurt, but do they have a case? kelly swoope is live with a look at the numbers. >> investigators looked into how the new maryland live! casino affected the casino in perryville. in 26 days the casino took in $28 1/2 million. it appears to be cutting into perryville's take. in june they generated less than $8 million. that's a 21% drop in revenue from the month before and almost 10% less than hollywood casino made in june of last year. keep in mind, maryland live! hasn't be
and nearly half of them are presidents of baltimore city or baltimore county. be sure to drink plenty of water and check in on vulnerable neighbors. residents n anne arundel county are being urged to conserve water today. in mandatory water restriction for the next 24 hours. due to the extreme heat and the water main break in downtown baltimore. the water main broke was built in the late 18 80s. the department of public works thinks it will take three weeks to complete the repairs. nearby businesses have been impacted by those repairs. >> that has been a difficult situation because they are running late. knowing that they are dealing with that situation then than it has been a challenge. >> aboveground pipes are providing water to the businesses in the area. the problem downtown is another example of the challenge of repairing and replacing an aging water system that is getting older. it was the 480th time this year that a pipe has broken in the system. a report published this year as the make a trillion dollars will be required to update the drinking water system of the country. >> t
who knows a lot about school funding brings his knowledge and experience to baltimore city schools today. brent jeffcoat took all 80 of greenville south carolina schools and transformed the financially strapped system in six years. so now he is going to help out baltimore city schools. he says he can. he has 35 years experience and he is going to talk about how a similar plan could actually work here. we will let you know how it goes. >>> tomorrow we are going to find out who gets nominated for the 64th annual prime time emmy awards. critics think the abc hit show modern family is going to win again. this year's nominee will be unveiled tomorrow morning in los angeles. so we will keep you posted on that. >>> the dark knight opens on friday and already tickets are going on sale. listening to -- listen to this for 100 to $150 on craigslist for a movie. some are more than that. so people have been snatching up the first seats for the midnight showing for the dark knight. >>> now "good morning maryland." >> reporter: we are live in downtown baltimore where the water main break is snagg
main break in downtown baltimore. the city has a plan but it's going to take a while. charley crowson is live at the work scene and charley being we hear from the board of public works that will hit up city hall for more money but is there money there? >> yeah. 31,000 dollars is what they will ask for for emergency funds and whether or not the money is there is going to remain to be seen. that meeting is scheduled for later this morning. and we can only assume it's going to be to address this, this huge water main break from monday afternoon. blocking traffic from all the way down to lombard back up to baltimore. big congestion and commuting problems buch businesses and hotels and residents water piping and getting water pressure back is a concern. we are showing you temporary pipes brought in. this is running water to businesses on the west -- east side of the street. west side is without power. we talked to the manager at the 7-eleven and they are having trouble so they are closed for business. we want to show you something. we picked up this half an hour ago. you will only see this
today that will help baltimore city police fight crime. it will allow police to identify camera systems in close proximity to crime scenes. >> it will help to further reduce crimes in our neighborhood. >> she think the foundation for the grant helping to make this possible. >> the governor and house speaker met with the city to air out concerns about expanding gambling in the state. to city hall for the latest. >> the meeting lasted about 90 minutes at city hall. the delegation is a big voting bloc and they wanted assurances a sixth casino won't harm the city or its residents. no horse trading for votes, just the facts. the casino opens in prince george's county, what can be done to help baltimore from losing complete revenues to put toward the property-tax rate? >> you have provisions to make sure the city and county are held harmless in terms of local share. >> the local share is revenue used to offset the cost of hosting a casino. on the table is increasing baltimore city posture by 5%. >> we want to put it in a collective pot for anne arundel and baltimore city and to divided up so
congressional gold medal back to the baltimore city police department to celebrate with his fellow officers and friends. >> i wanted to say something for all you guys, for the city of baltimore and the united states of america. [applause] >> pixar been james dickson served in the baltimore city police department in 1954-1987. the congressional gold medal is the highest civilian award that the government bestows. he bills himself as the world's youngest escape artist, but he did not win over the judges this time. the 26-year-old has loads of talent and is clearly going places. will it be to the finals? we certainly hope so. senator often performs on friday and saturday night. dropping some unwanted pounds make it easier. and new drug is coming to the marketplace. a minor slip in a hospital ranking has some taking notice of american institution. details on your chance to grab some authentic olympic gear. >> another hot day today but we have relief in the forecast. here's a look outside. still in the 90's in downtown baltimore. the weather is next. [ male announcer ] now at your neighborhood s
in the city, fire department activity. continued closures along light street between baltimore and lombard. those delays are expected again today. mount royal is closed from north avenue to charles street. here's a quick live look at traffic. 95 from route 24 in harford county. so far so good. this is 295, outbound traffic building down towards 32 as you make your closer to the capital beltway. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. another day with the extreme heat. 103 yesterday at the inner harbor. even more humid today. 80 this morning at the airport. 85 at the inner harbor. the record today is 102. highs will get out into the upper 90's. people to stay cautious today in the extreme heat. drink plenty of water and stay in the shade. now let's head to sports. >> you're on. >> thank you. i cannot escape being caught on camera. he calls himself the youngest escape artist. he did not necessarily win over the judge's last night. uck.ish him good loc >> the opening ceremonies for the olympics begin next week. stx has signed not to create a limited edition hockey stick. you can
encouraging women to set fitness goals and achieve them. 30-year-old kaitlyn of baltimore city math teacher was one of 10,000 submissions, her plan inspired fourth and fifth grade girls at edge wood elementary to run a mile. >> we would work out every day, monday through friday for about 45 minutes. in the end, they were able to accomplish their goal of running a mile and it was awesome. >> reporter: for ten weeks, kaitlyn tracked her progress online, vying for the chance to be one of the new faces of underarmor as one of their inspirational women and it works. >> you brought a whole new light to what underarmor is about and we're just really excited to have you have. >> reporter: under armour said it stood out the entire time. it was her selflessness that really made her shine. under armour sponsorship deal including training and gear. >> they get to work better in class and it was good for the overall kids. >> this is so good. >> reporter: under armour said the entire campaign was such a success, they plan to launch a similar one this fall. in baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz ey
. >> the city of baltimore continues to deal with water main break. i am hive with reports on what -- i am live with reports on what you need to know to get around the problem. >> a sailor sentenced. he learns his fate today. and on the run, a murder suspect reportedly tries to flee with a parked passenger jet and things go from bad to worst. first, staying cool. it's going to be the name of the game again. brace yourself for another scorcher for the 5th time this summer. we hit 100 degrees yesterday and we are expected to be well above the # 0s today. -- 90s today. good morning it's wednesday thanks for joining us i am megan prinko charley live but mike masco joins us. -- pringle, charlee live but mike masco joins us today. >> if we end and continue the stretch, we will be the hottest. let's talk weather and about yesterday. we hit 100. right now it's 81 degrees. not much of a drop in the temperatures to the overnight and we are continuing to see the temperatures that will soar this afternoon. let's look at temperatures right now. 81 degrees and we have been talking heat indexes and dew point
and achieve them. 30-year-old of baltimore city, a math teacher, was own of 10,000 submissions. her plan was to get the girls at her elementary school to run a mile. >> we would run monday. in the end, they were able to accomplish their goal of running a mile and it was awesome. >> reporter: for ten weeks, kaitlyn tracked her progress online, vying for the chance to be one of the new chases of under armour, as one of their inspirational women and it worked. you brought a whole new light and we're excited to have you. under armour said kaitlyn's submission stood out the entire time. it was her selflessness that made her shine. she wins an under armour deal for training and athletic gear for a year. >> they got along better in class. it was good for the overall kids. >> reporter: under armour said the entire campaign was such a success, they plan to launch a similar one this fall. in baltimore city, i'm jessica kartalija, wjz eyewitness news. >> the three inspirational women are from texas, tennessee, and missouri. good for all the girls who met their goals. >> a mile,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
... from... new york city... to... the... baltimore - washington area.../ when... the... a/c... seemed... to... stop working.../. crime... crime... and justice... reporter... joy lepola explains.../first on fox.../ as... temperatures... rose.../ so... did temper. tempers. ((pkg)) it all started after midnight on this bus headed from new york. nat pop some passengers recorded the ordeal on their cell phone. the trouble began... after a passenger asked if the air conditioning was broken.15:20 i was getting hot and sweaty other customers were taking there and fanning themselves after the driver was approached.... tempers flared. (corrina) 17:52 she was going down 95 and she was like ruur and it's a double decker. ford who underwent spinal surgery was jolted along with everyone else.(corrina) 17:37 i'm just sitting there going wow this is really crazy this is my first trip to manhattan never drove a bus there i always drove myself for reason's like this. it was the beginning of a long trip home. after getting back on 95.... the bus pulled over again
. closures in the city along light street between baltimore and lombard street. mount royal is closed from north avenue to charles street. that is in advance of artscape. 50 at sandy point approaching the bay bridge, not much in the way of delays. flowing smoothly to and from the eastern shore. southbound traffic is building. not tracking any significant at the key bridge or of the harbor tunnel. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. >> thank you. our big story continues to be the water main break downtown. >> if you travel downtown, it might want to remember the closures for the next couple of weeks. jennifer franciotti joins us with the latest. >> it is affecting foot traffic and people who live and work in the area. several businesses lost water because of the water main break. other businesses are affected by the closures in general. light street is shut down between baltimore street and lombard. drivers have been forced to take alternate routes. >> normally it is fine. this is ridiculous. >> the try to go down and there's a traffic jam. >> the water main that broke was built in the
before it decides whether to reassess baltimore's population. >> city planers estimate baltimore could gain or lose $90 million in federal funding, defending how the bureau responds. >>> for the first time in more than two decades john hopkins falls from the number one ranking. hopkins was demoted to the number two spot this year. it's massachusetts general claiming the top spot this year. hopkins is still ranked number one in five specialities. >>> today the red cross is asking for your health. our recent storms and the blazing hot temperatures that followed have left the red cross in need some assistance. to find out how you can help go to and look for this story in the local news section. >>> a young girl plunges from a third story window air conditioner and a good semertian comes to her rescue. here is mary butbala -- bubala with amazing video. >> video shows a girl jump or fall from a third floor, caught by a good semertian. >> i heard somebody banging at the door stating my daughter was outside on the air conditioner. i had no idea what was going on. >> she said her autis
in maryland, ball -- baltimore city recording more than any other jurisdiction. >> day after day after day of high heat, the most as vulnerable of us in the community are even more as vulnerable, so that includes the elderly folks with underlying heart conditions. it's critical for them to be in cool spaces where they can stay hydrated. >> hydration is the key to survival for anyone working out doors. >> you can fry an egg on the roof. >> roofs can reach temperatures of 180, part of why roofers alter their schedules. >> start early in the morning, try to get off by 2:00, before the heat really sets in, drink a lot of water and gator raid. >> the higher you go, the hotter it is. for teams of which which i amny repairmen, that mean take frequent breaks. >> we take turns. it helps out a lot. >> it's the kind of heat that has some carrying umbrellas for shade and others coping any way they can. >> i get a slurpie. that's the only way i survive. >> reporter: so you're looking live, all these kids inside the pool. they've got the right idea right now. of course, it is a scorcher. city pool is go
in maryland, baltimore city reporting more than any other city. >> so the danger is day after day after day of high heat, the most vulnerable of us in the community are even more vulnerable. so that includes the elderly folks with underlying heart conditions. it's critical for them to be in cool spaces. >> reporter: hydration is the key to survival for anyone working outdoors. >> you can actually fry an egg on the roof. >> reporter: roofs baking in the sun can reach temperatures of 180 degrees. part of why roofers often altser their schedules. start early in the morning and try to get off at 2:00 before the heat sets in. drink a lott of water and gate -- a lot of water and gatorade. >> reporter: for chimney repairmen, that means take a lot of breaks. >> he mr. come down and i from -- he will come down and i will go up. take breaks. it helps a lot. >> i get a slurpee when i have to to go sit in my car until it cools down. that's the only way i survive. >> reporter: city pools are open an extra hour today because of this code red heat alert. in fact, the city has open 11 different cooling sta
. baltimore was one of the biggest cities in america after world war ii, but its population has steadily gotten smaller. >> i love being downtown. it's so convenient. >> the more government cuts things, the more people tend to leave. >> reporter: valuable federal dollars are tied directly to the population for cities nationwide. >> pure and simple, the more population you have, the more dollars you would get for housing or health programs and a host of other things that are funded at the federal and state levels. >> reporter: city planners say it could take three to six months for the census bureau to determine whether it will reassess baltimore's population. back to you. >> thank you. city planners estimate baltimore could gain or lose $90 million over ten years depending on how the census department responds. >>> the red cross is in need of volunteers tonight as the region suffers the wrath of mother nature. many people are lacking food, shelter and clothing right now. last month's devastating storm and the hot temperatures have stretched the red cross to the breaking point. to volunte
of estimates, water officials here in baltimore city will ask about 30,000 dollars for emergency repairs. we can only assume megan it's to continue fixing the issue. three weeks out, more detours going into downtown baltimore in the inner harbor. and megan, a lot of people will be concerned because we have got festivals coming up this weekend. the o's are back in town next week and you have the general weekend traffic coming down to the inner harbor. >> we will have to keep on top of that. so many people head downtown baltimore for artscape which is this weekend. >>> looking at news around the nation, surveillance video he caught a motorized school -- caught a motorized scooter mishap. woman tried to take the up escalator despite the fact there was a lift just 50 feet away. you can see her tall back -- falling backwards on other passengers a subway worker pushed the escalator emergency stop button. it turns out the woman managed to walk a-- or the worker managed to back away from the incident. pretty amazing sight. >>> a man near pittsburgh jumped on from a moving vehicle to get away from so
. >> reporter: it's the job of the baltimore city health department to make sure food served here is safe. when they come on a sunday morning they check food temperatures and hand washing stations and considering the food are you about to eat is cooked underneath an overpass they make sure that every vendor has a cover to keep anything falling from the bridge landing in your food, a lack of cover isn't all we found. there are plenty of violations in this latest round of inspections, nine of the 12 venters checked had at least one critical violation. they found food like meat out of temperature, which could make you sick. equipment and food stored on the ground where anything could get at it, and one stand was briefly closed because the cook didn't have anywhere to wash their hands while prepping your meal. >> i think the germs were good for you. >> reporter: the health department doesn't so they are supposed to get a detailed inspection a year. though only monitoring inspections show up in the records for the market in 2010 and 2011 vendors got their first check in three years just five days a
and baltimore city leaders. the dpgovernor sat down yesterd with mike miller. o'malley says he's more confident a special session on the issue will happen this summer. supporters of expanded gambling want to add a casino in prince george's county and legalize table games at maryland casinos. >>> just about 6:07. robert griffin iii, we'll show you his new commercial that just hit the air. >>> plus, a rescue caught on tape. a woman in a wheelchair takes a frightening spill. >>> and when the hot and steamy weather could turn to stormy. weather and traffic on the ones, just ahead. >>> and next, it's not an olympic sport that maybe it should be. the viral video of some parallel ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ ♪ [monotone] she says, "switch to progressive and you could save hundreds." call or click today. >>> check this out. a woman gets encouragement while she's trying to parallel park. some drunk soccer fans cheered for her and help her park in munster, germany. somebody posted this video on youtube on sunday and already it has more than a quarter million clicks. this video was reported when germany beat arg
prevention drug for h-i-v and many are wondering what this means for the city of baltimore. dr. patrick chaulk from the baltimore city health department joins us live in studio with more. - what does the approval of truvada mean for hiv treatment in baltimore 3 city? - who is most likely to benefit from using this drug? - are there potential side effects from taking truvada? truvada? for more information on truvada... log on to fox baltimore dot com slash morning . coming up... it's the hair-raising video nasa calls... "7 minutes of terror."what it shows... and how the space agency came up with the name. peartbreaker nats nats but next... what nick cannon is saying about his wife... have you calling her a ght - "heartbreaker." you're watching fox 45 morning ews.. all local.. ll morning. excuse us, while we change into something more comfortable. cool. introducing, the square sunnyd bottle. but they can be really well thexpensive.ted a puppy, so to save money i just found them a possum. dad, i think he's dead. probably just playin' possum. sfx: possum hisses there he is. there'
in the area of old york road. new crash, in to us on the city. light st., baltimore and lombard, water main breaks continuing for the next three weeks. here is a live view of traffic. we will update you on today's in the area -- delays in the aea. southbound, there are delays from 175 down to 32. that is the latest on traffic pulse 11. ava as a check on your forecast. >> boy, is it going to be hot today warm start to the day, hotter in the afternoon. feels even worse than it fell yesterday, and yesterday it felt pretty bad. we do expect at least a thunderstorm in the area this afternoon. could be on the strong side. we have to include that chance. slight risk for severe weather all the way down to d.c. and baltimore and the northern part of the eastern shore. you don't have to cancel your outdoor plans, but any storm could be on the strong side. we have clear weather on the way with a cold front approaching the area. this will hang out the next couple of days, but a big relief this weekend. >>> we're back now, 8:00 on wednesday morning. it's the 18th day of july, 2012. let's be honest. yes,
in the city are open todaa from 9am until 7 tonight. "114 degrees...underneathhsome " air!"other "cooling" places in baltimore county officials 3 suggest... community cennerss churches malls neighbor's home with air conditioning restaurants & other hints... 3 3 a megabus meltdown.. driver bringing passengers right here to baltimore... gets heated ann refuses to go any further. further.megan gilliland is here with an inside look of exactly what happened... and the injuries thaa's a story you're seeing first on fox. good morning guys,you gotta see this...this is a picture of the this point... you can see everyonn is now off the bbs... this happenee after... someone asked the driver if the air conditioning waa that point... we're told the driver ulled over forccng a jolt so hard that one woman was later sent to hospital.that was just the beginning... affer ggtting back on 95... the bus pulled over again... thii time at a rest stoo. (shannon) :48 so when they left she aatually got off the bus and said she wasn't driving anyylonger and tha
will take three tte meantimm... the city was able to create a temporary above- ground pipeline to restore water service to nearby businesses. baltimore county police are investigating a deadly car accident this morning. happened just after 5 'clock in phoenix... on old ooe person died on the scene.. another was taken to the person's condition... or the cause of the crash right now. the government is investigating ford and mazda vehicles....after getting nearly 1-hundred reports of stuck gas pedals. pedals. the national highway traffic safety administration says there's been at least one death suspected from this defect and nearly two dozen accidents.n-h-t-s-a says more than 700-thousand vehicles may be impacted.the two models involved are the 2001 through 2004 ford escape and mazda tribute with v-6 engines. the food and drug administration has officially banned using b-p-a in certain baby produccs. products.b-p-a is a chemical used in many products... including cans and clear plastic bottles.f-d-a regulations now prohibit the use of b-p-a in making baby bottles, sip
and nebraska. you have another area with philadelphia, new york city, down into the dc baltimore area. this is the area where we could see heat index values easily over 100 degrees up to 110 degrees will be heat index valleys across portions of these areas. today's high temperatures will be getting very hot out there. 94 new york city. 94 in stick. triple digits across parts of the planes 105 is the high temperature we are expecting in kansas city. you factor in the humidity of course it feels even worse. dc you could see the heat index value of 106 degrees 101 nashville and 104 in new york city. as we head into the afternoon hours we will see sours and storms coming up that will be bringing in relief from the hot temperatures very shortly. before it does so showers and storms across parts of the northeast, philadelphia, dc we will be seeing some of the showers and storms later on today. some could produce large hail and damaging wind gusts. keep that in mind if you have warnings issued across the area especially in the yellow zone make sure to seek shelter immediately as we could see
. that includes the district of colombia here, baltimore, all the way down to ocean city, under a heat advisory. it's the combination of humidity and air temperature, going to make it feel like 105 to 109. limit yourself, if you're working outdoors, make sure you take frequent breaks that kind of thing. satellite and radar, thunderstorm activity a possibility later today. it will arrive in the form of a cold front later this afternoon and tonight. it will take its time moving through here. so we're not going to really cool down until friday, but at least the possibility of some cooling showers and storms later today. let me mention some of those storms could be strong, so be ready for that possibility as well. 100 later today in washington, 100 in manassas. only 97 in winchester, so a little cooler in the mountains. more details on the forecast including a better looking weekend ahead. i'll have that for you in just a minute. tony, back to you. >>> tucker, thank you very much. >>> now that heat could mean another days of delays on metro. speed restrictions likely again today with temperatures
things do. 82 in washington. 81 in baltimore. 79 in fredericksburg. no doubt about it, even ocean city, 82 degrees. it's warm one. more humidity than yesterday. better chance we'll see late- day storms. some could be on the strong side as we'll have a lot of heat and humidity around here. nothing going on right now. your morning commute will be fine but later today, i think in time for that evening rush hour, we have to be concerned about some storms. 100 in washington, 100 in manassas. 99 in fredericksburg. heat advisory in effect at 11:00. >> thank you. >>> time to say good morning to lauren demarco to so what is going on on the roads. >> we don't have to worry about any storms for the morning rush. things should be wrapping up with construction on the beltway. if you are traveling the american legion bridge, the right of your screen into virginia, you can see the lanes wide open, no delay. we did the construction near gallows road but that is being picked up. 66, no problems heading out off manassas towards centreville, everybody running at speed. 95 looks good through lorton up thr
. over to ocean city, that's in effect. and moderate drought for washington and just up to baltimore, a little portion of montgomery county, and fairfax, and ab normally dry everywhere else. we need the rain and it's not as bad as it is in the middle part of the country. these hot days rob the ground of any moisture we do have. i do have some rain in the forecast and maybe it will be of some benefit, not just tomorrow, but thursday as well. we'll talk about when we can get liquid relief around here. shawn, back up to you. >> mystery solved, sort of. we'll tell you what we learned about the viral picture of a local couple getting engaged on the national mall. turns out, things are not as they seem. also ahead tonight, rg3's new commercial debuts, but when will he officially sign with the redskins? >>> youing a break at the pump, but paying more at the grocery store. a big drop in energy prices kept overall, but food prices, they were rising in june. continuing to put a big pinch on shoppers. and taking some of the fizz out of coke. the world's biggest beverage maker saying higher pri
happening in boughtmore today. governor will meet with city and state lawmakers. and sherrie johnson has more on today's meeting. >> reporter: well, today baltimore mayor stephanie rawlings-blake goneor o'malley and house speaker bush is meet with the house delegation. it will be in baltimore and the mayor supports expanding gambling to allow table games at a planned baltimore casino. the governor wants to call a special session. once a consensus is reached. governor expressed confidence a consensus will be forged to pass legislation this summer. now a proposal for a casino at the national harbor has complicated the negotiations. the window of opportunity is creeping towards a close for a special session before an august deadline to approve ballot language for voters to get the final say in november if law makers approve legislation. sherrie johnson, abc2 news. >>> six families in howard county are celebrating a victory this morning. people who live on coon hunt court will have a new address soon. the families felt it had negative racial connotations so the name will be april wind circle
'malley is trying to convince leaders in baltimore that a prince george's county casino would not hurt the charm city's chances of getting a casino down the road. the group devised a plan to set some casino revenue aside for the city and anne arundel county. governor o'malley is still hoping to call a special session of the legislature to take up expanded gaming. any decision would then have to be approved by the voters. >>> virginia congressman frank wolf wants state officials to investigate the tolls that drivers pay on the dulles greenway. he has asked virginia's attorney general to refer the toll situation to the consumer protection section of his office. congressman wolf has long been critical of the private company that operates the greenway. he believes the original state agreement that allowed the deal is flawed because it doesn't protect consumers. >>> a bill banning abortions in d.c. after 20 weeks of pregnancy will go up for a vote on the house floor. the house judiciary committee approved the measure this afternoon. it's based on the disputed claim that fetuses begin to feel pain at
his petition online. >>> the talks over gambling in maryland shift to baltimore today. that's where the governor is going to meet with city lawmakers there. yesterday he met with house speaker michael bush and state senate majority leader mike miller. he could call for a special session of the general assembly to talk about this more. that's where they would consider expanding gambling in the state including table games and possibly adding a sixth cuisine foe at a site in prince george's county. >>> the time is 5:35. i'm watching your money and your identity. we hear about identity theft on a regular basis, so much so, you may be tuning that information out, but you really need to pay attention because you could stand to lose cold hard cash. so how do you know your identity has been stolen? daily finance gives us these five red flags. number one, your crazy card gets declined for an unknown reason. if this happens you to, it could be a sign your account has been hacked. check your account immediately. take action immediately. number two, mystery charges appear on your statement. the
and then west. that including every major metropolitan city. 25,000 people without power in new jersey. lightning strikes, thousands of them at radar sites per hour. now, remember, these are high temperatures today. 101 at laguardia, 104 in newark. baltimore, 107. and we're breaking this heat with this long line of storms. there will be pictures in the news to show trees down, power out, all of the things that come with the storms. >> not used to seeing it over the skyline of manhattan. thank you, sam. as you said, the storms are cracking the heat wave in the northeast. but for the rest of the country, the drought is unrelenting. by one estimate, three-fifths of the usa, from sea to shining sea, is dry. and you can see how dry, on the mighty mississippi river, which is where we find abc's ryan owens tonight. >> reporter: you are looking at an indiana golf course. it's so dry, balls drop through the cracks of what any other summer is a water hazard. in nebraska, this river is so low, the fish have no place to swim. and the mississippi river isn't nearly as mighty as it should be. this s
the plans to improve the baltimore school district. the man who renovated manydifferent schools is presenting the seam plans for the city and it takes place at city hall at 1. >> gl now back to new york for good morning america and another update in 30 minutes. ♪ [ cheers and applause ] >>> she's incredible. florence welch, florence and the machine, they're live singing, the group is getting ready to head out to tour. you know, just recently, she had take some time off with her throat. we can't wait. >> awesome. >>> can't wait for friday. big party in the park on friday. carmen heating up the park. >> can't get your weekend started until you spend it with us. use the gma app on your smartphone or go to our facebook page and vote for your favorite question. you'll find out exact exactly. oh, i'm sorry. i'm sorry. >> in other music news, sam, madison beer, why justin bieber says that she's about to become an overnight huge success. we'll tell her story coming up. a great show planned just a few hours from now. >> jam packed. keeping up with the car kardashians kris jenner. and a
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